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2015 Registered Regatta Program

2015 Registered Regatta Program

Registering your regatta with USRowing means that your regatta is officially and nationally recognized as a safe and fair event, meeting the highest standards for American regattas. More than 200 regattas registered with USRowing in 2014.

The 2015 Registered Regatta program continues to provide your regatta official recognition and, in addition, offers regatta organizers unprecedented “no additional cost” liability and excess medical insurance benefits for the regatta and its participants.

Please note that registered regattas for 2015 ARE NOW being accepted.

Click here to register your regatta online

2015 Registered Regatta Application (pdf) - USRowing Insurance

2015 Registered Regatta Application (pdf) - Outside Insurance

2014 Registered Regatta Application (pdf) - USRowing Insurance

2014 Registered Regatta Application (pdf) - Outside Insurance

USRowing will charge the regatta a sanctioning fee as follows. Please note, these fees cannot be refunded once the regatta has been registered with USRowing.

Sanctioning Fee Schedule:

Indoor Regattas (any size), $250

Small Regattas (1-500 participants), $350

Medium Regattas (501-1,000 participants), $750

Large Regattas (1,001-1,500 participants), $1,250

Mega Large Regattas (1,501 + participants), $1,500


  • The host organization must be a current organizational member of USRowing.
  • All attending organizations must be current organizational members of USRowing.
  • All unaffiliated rowers must have a Championship Membership with USRowing.
  • Sanctioning fees must be paid in full one month prior to the event.
  • If the regatta is not using RegattaCentral services, a list of anticipated attending crews must be submitted to USRowing.
  • The Chief Referee must be fully licensed and have a current Championship Membership.
  • Any exceptions or amendments to USRowing rules must be submitted to USRowing.