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Referee Clinics

Photo: Referees gathered in Moline, Ill., for the Midwest region's annual referee clinic. Photo courtesy: Roger Frederick.

USRowing Referee College sessions are described below. For information on attending a particular school or to find out if there is a referee clinic scheduled in your area, contact John Wik at

Basic Skills School - Future clinic dates are TBD

The basis for this school will be routine situations normally encountered in most regattas. The curriculum will reflect the national procedural standards for how the Rules of Rowing are to be applied and interpreted on a routine basis. Topics will include starting races, following races as the referee, judging the finish, and serving on the control commission. This school is appropriate for those who are still in their formative years as a working official, and is designed to help them attain basic competency and proficiency as a licensed USRowing official; it may also serve as a refresher for anyone wanting to update their basic skills against the currently accepted national standards. A unique feature of this school is to combine classroom discussion and exercises with live on-the-water practice and demonstration.

Advanced Referee Skills School
- Future clinic dates are TBD

The basis for this school will be more complex race situations and rules interpretations that the licensed USRowing official may encounter on at least an occasional basis. Proper application and interpretation of the Rules of Rowing will be emphasized throughout, along with improving one's situational awareness in various race scenarios. Working experience in each of the standard assignments with basic knowledge and understanding of both the Rules and procedures are prerequisite for this school. This school is intended to also expand participant's awareness and understanding to develop leadership skills in each of the referee position assignments, and to learn procedural and technical protocols used at championship regattas. The Advanced School is therefore appropriate for officials who are preparing to work at regional and national championship events, and more generally is suited for all who have mastered their basic skills and who now want to advance their understanding of the Rules and procedures to enable them to competently handle more complex situations, as well as to move into leadership roles as a working USRowing official.

Chief Referee School
- Future clinic dates are TBD

The basis for this school will be regatta operations and management from the perspectives of both the Chief Referee and the Regatta Director. The curriculum will cover organizational and administrative skills needed to recruit and manage a crew of officials, to oversee and administer the application of the Rules of Rowing, to adjudicate protests, and to serve as a liaison to the regatta organizing committee and/or sanctioning organization. This school is appropriate for experienced Assistant Referees who are planning to advance in rank to Referee and who have an interest in becoming a Chief Referee for a USRowing registered regatta, and for those officials who want to better prepare for taking on a Chief Referee assignment. Those with prior experience as a Chief Referee will also be encouraged to attend.